Girders of Steel represent
     the Strength of Our Community
Boro Park
     - Our Beloved Home

Boro Park is our beloved home.

Are neighborhood is blessed with a large number of healthcare facilities for Maimonides Hospital to dozens of individual practicing Doctors, Pharmacies, Clinical Labs, rehabilitation facilities, Nursing Homes, and Surgical Supply outlets.

Medical Arts a Boro Park On Line Sponser
A Brooklyn On Line Member

Physician Services
Dr Lynn Braunstein
Primary Care
4702 Fort Hamilton Ave

Michael Josovitz MD
Internal Medicine
950 44th Street
Brooklyn NY 11219

Surgical and Sickroom Supplies
Medical Arts
55th and 13th Ave
Boro Park
We Deliver over the Tri-State Area
Acredited by Nation and Government Oversite Organizations
with honors

Jacob Stauber, CSW
Salubrious Family Services
1423 55th Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219

Randi D. Schneider, CSW
1048 49th Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219

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