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Brooklyn On Line

Eric Gonzalez Esquire

The Wrong Choice for Brooklyn District Attorney

Brooklyn On Line has become aware that the Kings County District Attorney's Office under the stewardship of Eric Gonzalez refuses to properly serve the citizens of Kings County. Instead Mr. Gonzalez and his staff seem to serve big business and his brother and sister attorneys.

Certain misdeeds by attorneys are crimes under New York State Penal Law, or New York State Judiciary Law, yet when presented with clear and convincing evidence collected by victims of crimes Eric Gonzalez refuses to prosecute attorneys who commit perjury, fraud, filing false instruments, and attorney fraud.

Details of some of the many cases that Mr. Gonzalez has refused to prosecute against attorneys can be found at the following links:

Eric Gonzalez, as acting Kings County District Attorney, maintains what he calls an "action center", but it should be called the Inaction Center. According to the DA's web site:

"Are you a victim of a crime? Do you have information about a crime? If so, visit or call the DA's Action Center. Walk-ins are welcome between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m."

First Attempt to Report A Crime

Brooklyn On Line decided to see exactly what happens when one tries to report a crime to Eric Gonzalez's orgranizition. The first attempts were made by telephone to the so called "Action Center".

On reaching the action center one speaks to Mr. Anthony Barosy. As far as Brooklyn On Line can determine Anthony Barosy has no legal education, no compassion for victims of crime, and no understanding that he works for the citizens of Kings County.

Anthony Barosy seems to have one goal, to stop citizens from reporting crimes to the Kings County District Attorney to keep their workload down. When this reporter attempted to report a white collar crime Mr. Barosy was not interested in hearing any details, or what evidence might be in hand to prove the white collar crime. He was far more interested in arguing that there had been no crime, including stating there was no New York Statute which covered the matter at hand. When he was informed of the exact statute by section and number his response was something to the effect that the DA was not going to prosecute an attorney on that law. Repeated attempts to report the crime in question to Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, or one of his assistant district attorneys always ended with the call being routed to Mr. Barosy and the same results as described.

One person reported this expierence in 2014 to Ken Thompson, the recently deceased Kings County District Attorney:

...I was connected to a Mr. Anthony Barosy who was rude and impatient in dealing with me. He kept demanding I tell him how I was defrauded, but then would interrupt me each time I attempted to speak and explain the situation to him. In the end I became frustrated and informed Mr. Barosy that I would be writing his boss about the situation.

It must be noted that the experience related above is very much like that had in recent interactions with Mr. Barosy. It was clear that it was not possible to report a crime to the Acting Kings County District Attorney via telephone as all roads lead to a stone wall named Barosy.

You Can't Get There From Here

With trying to report a crime to Eric Gonzalez's Office by phone not an option the next step was to "Walk-in". We picked a day and two of us paid a visit to

The District Attorney's Action Center
350 Jay Street 16th Floor Brooklyn,
New York 11201
On reaching the building we were greated with airport style security. Two of us emptied our pockets, took off our belts and lined up to go through the metal detector. As the first of us was set to walk through the metal detector the guard asked where we were going. When we replied the District Attorney's Action Center we were handed the bins with our pocket contents back and told we sould not be allowed upstairs to the action center.

The security guard directed us to the corner of the lobby and told us to pick up a phone and we would be directly connected to the "Action Center". It seems that by walking in one gets the chance to speak to Antony Barosy on the phone from the lobby. There is really no such thing as "Walk-ins are welcome between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.".

We stationed ourselves by the phone after our disappointing experience with Eric Gonzalez's no-man Barosy. By our count that day the District Attorney's office turns away roughly 200 citizens who are trying to report crimes each week.

We heard people trying to report white collar crimes. We heard reports of violence in public schools, we heard reports of domestic violence. The only people allowed up to the action center all day was a black woman in her 30 with her 90 year old grand mother who had been a victim of a crime. She at first pleaded with Mr. Barosy to allow them up to tell her grandmother's story. She then told Mr. Barosy her grandmother was 90 years old, handicapped and that they had walked to the DAs office from another government office in Downtown Brooklyn at the instruction of that other agency. Finally she told Mr. Barosy that if they did not get up to see someone her next call would be to a TV News Outlet. They were admitted to the elevator bank and we saw them exit the building about an hour later. They declined to speak with us.

It is obvious from our experience trying to report some rather large white collar crimes (committed by attorneys) that acting Kings County District Attorney Eric Gonzalez cares nothing for serving the people of Kings County. He is not a public servent, but rather a polotician, and only that. Brooklyn

Eric Gonzalez - just wrong for Brooklyn

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